Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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I am not a lawyer and as such cannot give legal advice.

What is a Notarial Act?

What is the fee for notarizing a document?

The maximum fee is $15 for each notarized signature. Travel fees also apply and vary depending on distance and location.

0-20 miles = $15 travel fee + $15 per notarized signature

21-40 miles = $30 travel fee + $15 per notarized signature

40+ miles = $1 per mile (one way) + $15 per notarized signature

Jails/Prisions: $50 travel fee + $15 per notarized signature

Active Duty Military/Veteran: All travel fees waived + $5 per notarized signature

What if I do not know what type of notary act needs to be performed?

As stated above, I am not a lawyer and am not allowed to give advice as to what type of notarial act is needed. I suggest that you contact a lawyer or the originator of the documents that need notarization.